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How much did you pay?
We got two batteries, 3 cartridges, 2 chargers, and 3 bottles of 15ml liquid for $98. I "think" that is pretty good, but a few months in and one of my batteries no longer works. The hubby and I both want to upgrade to something a little more powerful but I can't afford it right now so for the moment we share the one that still works.
I have never paid more than 50$ for a vape. My most expensive vape was the K1000. It has an amazing atomizer and can hold about 5-6 mL of juice. Also, it isn't like any other vape because of its form. It is shaped as a pipe!
I have the E-Cigarette. I paid $20 dollars for a rechargeable cigarette and 2 cartridges. I now order my cartridges on line and have them delivered to my door. These E-Cigarette batteries don't last all day, so I do have an extra one that I can use, while the one is charging.
Around our area in NC, USA the average starter kit is about $45. I would start there and once you get used to vaping you can move up. What I mean by moving up is you may want to purchase a battery or even a mod battery that will last twice as long. Dont get me wrong the 1100 batteries in most kits last 10+ hours usually but you may want it to last longer or change the color etc.. Also the same for your atomizer/cartomizer try the basic and then you can adjust to your preference of single coil vs. double coil, top feed vs bottom feed....etc. I made the mistake of spending over $100 with my first kit and didnt even like it at all. Sad
I limit myself between $50-$80 for mods, $50 at the most for my RDA's and my monthly budget on juice is $100. Cotton and Kanthal is cheap so I rarely include that in my budget.
I have tried several differnt ecigs. They really do work. Most of the ones I bought were disposable. Some were $6.95 one for almost $15.00 I bought that one at a Casino, so it was over priced.
I saw one advertised on the internet for $4.95 plus S & H. It had the charger with it, so I decided to order it. I should have known better. I used my debit card to pay for it. The day after I ordered it, I got a phone call from a representitve of the E Ciggarettes. He was really nice, went thru a speel of that when I got this item, there would be a $100.00 dollar gift card for me to keep wiether I wanted to accept their offer that was in there, and I had 14 days to cancel it. An hour or so later I got yet another call from a different salesman, with the exact same speel. I told him I had already gotten the speel earlier, and that I wouldnt accept the offer, as I am on a limited income, and I couldn't afford to pay anything extra.
A couple days later, I checked my bank balance on line, I had a $99.95 charge on there from them, I immediatly called and cancelled their special offer, and demanded a refund. He said he would cancel and send the money back. I then went to my bank to see about changing my debit card number. She told me to wait a few days and see if they send the money back into my account before I changed it, if they didn't send it I could file fraud charges on them. On my way home from the bank, I received a pkg. from them, I didn't open it right away, thought maybe I would send it back. Then a few days later I remembered all I cancelled was their special offer not the e cig and charger, so I opened the pkg. what it was was 4 bottles of tobacco juice, and 4 filter tips. No E Cig. It took another 2 weeks for the actual cig and charger to come, it had 1 bottle of juice, and 1 filter tip, and the charger. I read the instructions, and plugged it in to charge it. After I charged it I couldnt get it to work. I thought I had pushed the button on it, tried a few times, finally gave up and smoked reg cigs, and my disposable ones for a couple days. I had been at my daughters house sitting. When she came home I showed it to her, she said push the button, that time it worked.
I used it for a few days it seemed to be working fine. I charged it up again-used it, then a few days later it needed to be charged again. That time it would not take a charge at all no matter what I did. I ended up throwing it in the garbage.
I did get the $99.95 back~ then I changed my debit card number. What they would have done if I had accepted it was charge me that amount every month, and send the juice and filters.
As I said I should have known better. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. So people out there be careful of ordering on on line. The next one I get will be from a local shop to where if it breaks I can take it back.
Quote: The next one I get will be from a local shop to where if it breaks I can take it back.

That is probably the best thing to do but if you decide that you want to try mail order again for convenience reasons, there are many on here that order online and can recommend reputable vendors.

I myself use and and have never had any issues and they have lightning fast shipping.
As a teenager, I ordered with some friends to smoke for fun a while ago. I payed around $60 to $70 for a tip, atomizer, cone, and battery. My first setup was a "silver bullet". Silver tip, silver cone (long barrel sting ray) and silver ego-c twist. It worked great up until I sold it a while ago.
When it comes to price many people get skeptical. The prices I have paid definitely vary. I have spent anywhere from $6.99 all the way up to $150.00. Taste really matters to me. If I have to pay more to enjoy the taste and better quality, so be it. Several of my friends say i'm out of my mind to purchase anything over about $50.00. Well I say, to each their own Smile
I agree, if we can afford over $50 for something we really enjoy and we will use several times per day, why not? It's our choice and in the end of the day we will end up saving.

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