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How long does it take to quit smoking?
I am thinking of trying this route to stop smoking, which I only smoke when someone is around. I guess you can say, it is like a social drinker, I am a social smoker.
I would like to know which ones are better to use for beginners to the vape world.
Hey there, welcome to the group!

I think from they way you describe your smoking habits, if you get the right setup and juice it shouldn't take too long but never rush it Wink It honestly depends completely on the person their habit and willpower but i stopped in about 5-7 months.

I tried the little cig-a-likes like the blu brand but they only worked for a few weeks and I HAD to find something with a little more punch in terms of vapor and throat hit.

I was watching a guy streaming some game online and saw him smoking what looked like a bigger version of a small ecig. I asked him about all the parts and he gave me a list. I went to and bought a vision spinner, a cleromizer tank, and a USB charger and some juice from

This is basically what I ended up with

I have to say that the vision spinner or any batter with the adjustable voltage blew any cheap cig-a-like out of the water.

This set up will let you adjust how much vapor and throat hit you want based on your needs at any given time.

Now for the other important thing to consider, the juice blend and flavor.

Buy juice that mimics your smoking habit and cig type. For example I was a two pack a day full flavor menthol smoker.

Because of that I went with a higher PG juice such as 70%PG/30%VG and 12 mg nicotine. The reason for this is that PG give more throat hit and with the12mg nicotine I got the "Fix" I needed and it really felt like I was actually smoking with that nice throat hit.

For you I might recommend 50/50 PG VG with maybe 18 or 12% nicotine for at least the first couple months.

If you smoke menthol like I did pick up some Extreme Ice Juice and vape just that or try 555 Menthol E Juice Baker Vapor. I liked a lot of menthol so I went with the Extreme Ice.

As far as quitting smoking completely, try doing what I did and take it slow. Cut your smoking in half per day and make sure to use your ecig during times when you would normally HAVE to have a real cig like in the morning or after dinner, then smoke the real cigs any other times to help break your ritualistic smoking.

Once you are used to that it will get easier to ween your self of smoking throughout the rest of the day.

I eventually just forgot to light up since I had my vape right there.

If you want to get off nicotine completely, I just got a big clean glass bottle and would slowly dilute my old higher nic juice with new lower nic juice and eventually I wasn't missing nicotine at all. I do however use a little light nic juice in the morning with my coffee but I never fiend for the stuff anymore.

Sorry for the wall of text but I could talk for hours about making the switch lol.
Every person is different. I have been vaping only about a week, but i smoked my last smoke the day i bought my starter rig. No cheating, no cravings, no wanting food, nada. I never thought i would be able to just set them down. I am at 24mg right now and don't hit often as i would have smoked. I was going to go through my current juice and step down to 18mg but i think i may go to 12mg instead.
That's awesome, you definitely have some nice willpower and it sounds like it's going well. Come on back and keep us posted on your progress.
As people have said, everyone handles their habit differently. I actually smoked and vaped at the same time. Well I mean the same time as in rather switching over to vapor. I believe the method I used can be like just dropping the real thing and switching over. I really got tired of waking up with a tight chest from smoking, so I actually went to dip and then weened myself off that. Finally I can breathe again.
I think the real question is "when will you quit smoking" I don't believe "quitting" has a time limit. In order to quit you have to just do it. I still smoke analogs and vape so my advice isn't the best :p
It can definitely be difficult. When I started vaping, my intent was to quit smoking completely, but that hasn't quite happened. I still keep a pack of analogs around for when I feel like I need real tobacco, or when my battery is charging. However I have managed to cut down my analog use to a pack every 4-5 days, so I'm getting there. Slowly, but I am.
To no longer be addicted to nicotine, it days about 14 days to be off it. Vaping wise, it took me a day as I still get my nicotine.
When I finally decided to quit it took awhile. Although I still take it day by day, everyday.
Big Grin Quitting is very simple. Just listen to your heart and make the right decision. Many people can ask you to quit but you'll still find yourself smoking. The moment you decide that's when you can fully resist the urge and make yourself quit the vaping way. :!:

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