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How do you feel now that you switched to vaping?
How do you guys feel now that you stopped smoking cigs? After a few days only, without lighting one up, I could breathe in much easier. I also lost that bad taste in my mouth, which seemed to hang around all the time. Another thing I`ve noticed, is, that I can smell things much better. Like if I let something cook in the kitchen, I could smell it from my living room. No more smoke polluting the entire apartment. Big Grin
I can tell that my heart rate issue has improved, my sense of smell and taste seem better, and I just feel batter overall since I stopped smoking. I don't think I could go back to smoking even if I wanted to, which thankfully I don't lol.
The same goes for me as well. Cigarettes became something of an exotic threat to me. I smoke 1 or 2 occasionally, but I don`t have the urge to run out and buy a pack anymore. I can definitely recommend e-cigs to just about anyone trying to loose the habit.
I feel much better since I've made the switch. I can taste things better and smell better. Also, my teeth don't hurt anymore and I don't constantly have a gross taste in my mouth. I can also run upstairs again and go on longer walks. I'm not nearly as tired as I used to be and my hair looks better than it ever did when I was a smoker. I also feel like my skin looks better. I guess you don't really realize just how bad smoking is until you stop. I don't think I'll ever go back. I have no desire to.
I saw recent studies, which indeed said that smoking causes your skin to age faster. People who smoked for decades and heavily smoked 2-3 packs/day would look much older then people of the same age who did not smoke at all. Only after quitting did I realize how bad cigs were for me and I was so dumb as to even pay daily for them. So good that I quit.
I feel so good now that i switched. At first i wasn't even trying to quit cigs..but then out of nowhere I was smoking Vapes, and no more cancer and lung phlem for me! Big Grin
For me it started out as a desperate attempt to get the heck off smokes but then ended up as a hobby of sorts and when I looked up from my desk where i build coils I realized I hadn't smoked in a few months and now couldn't stand the taste of real smokes.
I feel healthier and a lot more socially acceptable, since my breath doesn't smell bad anymore.
I feel richer. I have managed to save around 70 dollars every month thanks to this wonderful device. I also feel healthier and I don't smell bad anymore because of the smoke.
I am looking forward to not smelling like cigarettes anymore. Although I am a heavy smoker, I don't smell it on myself. My boyfriend quit smoking so he hates when I come to bed smelling like an ashtray. So I am excited to get my sense of smell back. I'm sure a lot of you can also breathe easier.

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