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How do you dispose of e-liquid?
I have heard that dumping e-liquid down the drain can contaminate the groundwater. Does anyone know if this is true? Also, does that mean parts that touch e-liquid shouldn't go in the trash? How do you dispose of e-liquid?
From what I have read, one of the preferred methods is to pour your unused liquid into a zip lock back with some absorbent kitty litter in it. Then seal the bag and put it in a trash bag. Some use two outer bags just to make sure that it's harder for a dog or other animal to get at it and to ensure it doesn't leak out and get into the ground water.

I typically use every bit of my liquid but I am glad you brought this up because I plan on getting into mixing my own juice and this will definitely be something that I will have to consider. Oh and welcome to the community!
Yea, use caution disposing of it, better safe than sorry.
There is a special section (at least in my country) for throwing substances such as e-liquid. They get evaporated is a special container so they won't mix with other substances and react.
Unfortunately most of our waste water systems don't deal with drugs like nicotine or chemicals very well. In the highly concentrated amounts that vapes use it's not a good idea to dump them down the drain. I've found that any extra e-juices that I have are willingly accepted by my friends. I've even given some of my bottles to total strangers.
Maybe you should put it in a pack that isolates the liquid so it won't be spilled anyway? This way, you will be sure that nobody will drink it too.

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