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How do you carry your equipment ....
I'm curious, how do you normally carry around your vaping equipment? Do you have a case or some such? I've carried cigars in metal tubes and I wonder if something similar could work for ecigs.

Also, some what related, have you had any trouble with air travel and vaping gear? The security is really gonzo these days so I wonder how they'd reactive to these items considering some of them are metal tubes with liquid in them.

Thanks all.
I typically carry mine in my pocket when im standing or lay it at an angle in the cup holder of my car when driving so that the liquid doesn't leak out of my genesis style tank. Id love to put mine in a case but due to the style of tank I use it basically has to always be upright or at least close to it.

The mod I use has the firing button on the bottom end of the body but there is a rich that I can unscrew that stops the button from being pressed which is good cause firing this thing in my pocket would be pretty nasty lol.
I use a case that I bought with my set up. Its a nice hard case with mesh pockets that makes it easy to keep extra juice and tanks and batteries. It does get a bit bulky sometimes and looks like a roll of socks when I put it in my pocket... So I have been looking into getting a necklace clip for mine. I notices someone walking around with their vape draped around their neck and I thought it would be worth a try.
Im wierd because I always carry a handbag around... even though I'm technically a man I'm a bit of a crossdresser, which makes it useful because I will always have my handbag to put my "smoking" equipment in Smile I even keep my boyfriends in there when go to parties etc etc
I don't carry it at all. I usually keep it at home, since I don't need it that often and I'm not on the move all the time.
Since most of my clothes have deep pockets, I preffer keeping it there. I have heared that people keep them in a special case or something like that but I think it's a waste of time because you have to assemble it again, then undo the process when you stop vaping.
Well, it's simple: I have huge pockets. Yup, my coat is a very spacious one when it comes to pockets.

Either way, I carry it in a bag. I have a cool-looking bag, and I don't mind carrying it around from time to time.

About airport trouble. I've never flown with an airplane. Also I have never stept on an airport. So I can't relate.

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