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Hi from Illinois, USA
Big Grin First!, Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I am still what I consider to be new to vaping. I got my first device about 10 months ago, and am just now moving into rebuild-ables.

I have a few devices, mech. and variable but so far I am really digging my ProVari with a Smoke RSST. I am building lower wrap count micro coils, using cotton wicks and the vapes I get are amazing.

I look forward to interacting with new members and having some great vape discussions. Later all.

Oh here are a few pics of my devices. Oh and that bottle of Beast Ice, is actually what I store my daily vape juice in.

[Image: pxIlGhK.jpg]
[Image: DN4YH3t.jpg]
[Image: yTO1IJX.jpg]
[Image: zikjATq.jpg]
Very nice, welcome to the site!

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