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Hi, I need some guidance.
I switched from cigarettes to vaping almost two years ago.  I have progressed through buying e-vapor mixed at my starter store, to buying my own juices, pg/vg and nicotine.  My current calculator is eJuice Me Up.

My recipes are on a base of 8 ml of nicotine from the stock of 24.  50/50 VG/PG and 20% total flavors.

I'm using a slim, joy tech batter with dual voltages and eVod bcc tank.  My atomizer is a KangerTech, 1.8 volt.

I use two recipes primarily;  Turkish Carmel, using the two obvious flavors, and,
Vanilla custard using Vanilla Custard and a touch of Creme de Menthe.

Psychologically I made the transition to Vapor by using the device as a pipe rather than a cigarette.  I am shooting for a rich, full pipe tobacco flavor that is smooth and yet where you can taste the Caramel and the Vanilla Custard AND with a nice aroma for those in the car with me.

I need to add flavor, vapor and a little smoothness.  Does anyone have any suggestions on changing ratios of the vapor ingredients.  Thanks a million for your help. Huh

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Hi, I need some guidance.00