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Hey yall! :)
Hello everyone! My name is Irene and I've smoked Marlboro for 16 years and recently have tried switching to vaping but it's just not the same. I want to learn more about it and hope by joining this forum I'll be convinced to switch over completely!
Hey there Irene, welcome to the group!

There are posts with some helpful information in this forum

And feel free to post any questions that you may have.

When i started to make the switch, I had been smoking almost two packs a day for about 16 years. I tried the little cig-a-likes like the Blu brand and while they worked for a bit to help me cut down they just weren't enough for me.

I got a vision spinner battery with a dual coil clearomizer tank and that was really nice. I found the right juice blend of PG/VG and nicotine content to give me nice vapor and a cig quality throat hit.

With this set up I was able to cut down to about a half a pack a day which for me was awesome progress.

After I saw a few people using more advance devices I moved up and am now building my own coils and am so wrapped up in the hobby that I forget when I last smoked a cig. I've actually managed to get to being almost 100% nic free but I do use a 3% nic juice in the morning with my coffee.
Hello Irene. Welcome to the forums. Smile If you want to gain more knowledge about vaping you should visit the category "Absolute beginners". Enjoy your time spent here.

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Hey yall! :)00