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Hey there
Hello, I'm Alex. I'm thinking of switching to vaping, as my smoking habit has become quite damaging, and I'm coughing more often than before.

Next week I'll get my monthly wage, and I'm considering buying a vaper. I hope this way will be better for my health.

Hi Alex, welcome to the group!

It's awesome that you are going to give making the switch a shot and if you have questions, please feel free to post them.

What does your budget look like for your first set up?
Are you looking for a small vaporizer or does the size take a back seat to the amount of vapor and flavor?

We have members that use anything from small vape pens all the way up to advanced mods and rebuild-able tanks so we can help ya figure out what to look for.
I've been borrowing my friend's vaper for the past month, and it has helped me out a bit, so that's why I'm thinking of switching.

My budget is around 70 dollars. I'd like a good balance between the amount of steam and the persistence of the flavor.

I'm looking for a quality vaper, as I want to definetely switch from cigarettes to vapers. If you could message me with any recommendations, it would be lovely! Thanks in advance.
Something like this might work well

or this one, Innokin is a good brand

at that budget.

Id really try to find one that allows you to change the voltage like both of these.

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