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Hey everyone
I just found this forum. Ive been vaping on and off for around 3-4 years. I currently own the astro mod with an igo dripper and I am in love! Blowing massive clouds, its awesome. I used to do reviews for companies a while back when vaping first got popular.. Back when egos and stick batteries was all there was haha. I am glad to be a part of this vaping community Smile its crazy how vaping has evolved over the years.
Hi Jake, welcome to the group. Sounds like a nice set up you got there, just today I bought myself and my son a couple Mutation X drippers and omg with a single (they are meant for dual) or dual coil this thing is awesome. It has 9 air holes on each side!

I run a single .54 ohm 4 wrap macro coil with one air hole and stuff the other side of the deck with cotton to block the other sides air holes and still massive flavor and vapor.

A few minutes ago I put in one of my 30 amp batteries and built a .28 ohm dual macro coil with 24 ga wire and HOLY CRAP i still got good flavor and insane vapor even with all 18 holes wide open. Check out this vide some dude made of him vaping wide open on this thing lol.

Hello Jake. If you're into vaping you will love it here at navapers! Welcome Smile

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