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Hey everyone
Hey there guys, I am an ex-smoker that already relapsed once, so I am always with an eye open for alternatives to smoking because I don't ever want to touch those cigarettes that are bad for my health and my pocket. I think that vaping is something that allows to enjoy the nicotine at a far smaller risk and not disturbing other people, so I wish there are more and more vapers and less and less smokers! :mrgreen:

Hope to see you around.
Hi there, welcome to to the group! I think you are right, in time I think we will outnumber analog smokers and as far as relapsing it really is ok to allow yourself a few cigs here and there while trying to quit.

I think for me it was the fear of going cold turkey that scared me so while starting out with vaping I just told myself it was ok to smoke a few a day and before I knew it, I just started forgetting to go light up a real cig cause my vape was always in my hand.

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