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Here a sale there a sale
Because of memorial day, pretty much EVERY e-liquid website is having a sale in one form or another. This would be a great time to check out one of the more expensive vendors' juices that have been out of your price range by a few dollars.

I know that lists quite a few of the sales, but there's Google, Facebook, (and me, too!) to find great deals.

I usually use sales to try out juices from either new vendors, or a new flavor I'm unsure about so I don't feel like I'm out a ton of money if I didn't like it.
yup that's why I finally decided to try out some drakes vapes juice among a few others. I have usually ordered from which has usually resulted in great vaping but I wanted to try some boutique juices for once.

I hope the other members on this site took advantage of the mothers day sales.
I didn't know this. Thank you for the information! I was thinking of buying some new gear.

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