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Hello from Portugal
Hey everyone, I am an ex-smoker, I smoked for about four years only and managed to quit with no help. My father though is a smoker for over 50 years and my brother more or less 25 years smoking, so my main goal here is to learn more about e-cigarettes so that I can help them get rid of this nasty habit.

Thanks for having me!
hey there, welcome to the group! That is an awesome thing you are trying to do for your family members, I know if my mother hadn't quit due to not being allowed to smoke while in the hospital for a month I would get her into vaping.

She actually has an 88 year old neighbor that has started vaping so age doesn't mean a thing Smile

Feel free to poke around the forums and post any questions you might have.
Thank you for the welcome cerebral! That would have been a good solution for your mother though. Smile

My dad particularly makes me nervous, he just recently beat prostate cancer and not even that made him quite smoking, I hope he doesn't get sick again due to it...

Anyhow, following your advice and heading to the forums again. Smile

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