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Hello everyone
Hi all,

My name is Shawn. I am 29 years of age, male and I live in Southern Illinois, USA. I have been vaping since ecigs pretty much first came out - back when they looked like actual cigarettes. They have advanced over the years and now I am strictly a mod user. I started smoking at age 10 because it was cool back then but then I realized it was killing me once I got into my 20s and so I started eCigs. Now it feels like I have never smoked... I can ride 100 miles in one day on my bicycle and there are absolutely no lung issues Smile When I smoked, after riding one mile, I would nearly feel like I was about to die and cough up blackness. I thank you for having me here and I look forward to being a part of the community! Smile
Hi Shawn, welcome to the group!

I myself started smoking at 17 and after smoking 2 packs a day for nearly 20 years I had to finally stop. Thankfully, I saw a streamer on using something I hadn't seen before and asked what it was. He told me all about the device and how it worked and I was really interested.

He listed out all of the parts he bought and sent me to the site he used, I picked up the vision spinner and a could clearomizers and never looked back.

After rebuilding my kanger protank coils for a month or so, I decided that inadvertently I had moved into rebuildables and decided to pick up an RDA and a mech mod and now im a full on sub ohm rebuildable vaper and love it Smile

I've got some picks of my stuff in the "Picks of your setup" forum if ya wanna check em out. Once again, welcome to the group and glad to have ya on board.

Oh P.S. nice to see a fellow Illinoisan here, im from Collinsville just across from St. Louis MO, myself.
Thank you for the welcome. I have enjoyed my visit on this forum thus far. I am very glad that vaping has came to be. Like I said, as a cyclist, I feel good when I ride and it feels like I have never smoked. Everyone is always trying to regulate it though because they are afraid of long-term problems, I say let people, let grown adults make their own decisions now and see if it has long-term problems and then regulate it...
Hi Shawn. Hope that you will enjoy your stay at this vaping community.

welcome all of you in vape party. Get what you want,enjoy.

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