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Hello There
Hello People I am InvictusTv,
Some info about me - 
  • I'm a Tinker'er
  • I've made about 4 different mods/vapes
  • I'm a website designer/developer and gamer
This is a custom wooden box I made using the 510 connector and the battery sled from a snow wolf mini, This fires hotter than my hammer of god v1 with all 4 bats in.
Components : Wood,510 connector, battery sled, 14 gauge solid copper wire, momentary switch
The batteries run in series(positive up or down on either side works as long as its not placed in parallel)
And no there's no short if you place the batteries in parallel it just doesn't fire.
[Image: 22815249_1677215192353144_42258255217537...e=5B4BF46E]

Yes this is a flashlight,
Components : Flashlight, 510 connector, (for the button I took an old tube mod replacement button and modified it to work inside the flashlight
When the button makes contact with either negative or positive side of the battery the metal from the flashlight will complete the circuit allowing the current to pass from the battery to the 510 (before you say anything about safety from the heat produced inside the flashlight I used a plastic shield and electrical tape to insulate the battery and isolate it from the heat that is consumed by the metal casing)
[Image: 27459247_1802618503146145_76897781052400...e=5B1EC05E]

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