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Hello From Arizona
Hi there. Smile I've been vaping for about 6 months now and I'm still tied to the analogs (regular cigarettes) more than I want to be. This looks like a good place to maybe get advice on how to drop those nasty analogs for good.

Anyone else here from Arizona?
roughly how many cigs do you smoke per day? We might take a look at what device you are using, as well as the juice blend and nic strength you are using to help tweak it a bit.
HI, Jenna from Arizona here! I usually don't smoke at all because cigarettes can severely damage your lungs, but I have tried e-cigs awhile back ago and it actually wasn't too bad because it's all vapor. It can't harm you at all.
Hello RedCinn. Smile Welcome to the forums. Hope that you will gain more information on vaping by reading different topics and share your own knowledge with us.

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