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Health Effects
What do you think could be possible effects on our health because we vape? The theories out there are wild and varied, but the most common one seems to be that vaping deposits water on your lungs. At least that is the one I`ve heard mentioned a lot. Is it true? What do you think?
It may well be true about the water but breathing does that too!

in all seriousness, I reckon that a lot of the scare stories on health detract from the fact that vaping is still 1000 times safer than analog smokes.
I totally agree with you of course. And the scare stories are really far fetched. Have you heard the one about uranium being added to e-cig batteries and that they slowly irradiate us while we vape? That one was so crazy and there was a whole anti-vaping campaign going on around that topic for months here in my city.
Has anyone even seen any evidence that it deposits water in your lungs, surely it'd happen when the water condenses anyway and I can imagine the body to be warm enough to keep it in a gas state for the short time it's inside us?
It's articles like this one That spark things like the water on the lung and other scare tactics. They tested the participants for ten minutes with no further testing after that apparently.

I've read some ecig users stating that after vaping 100% VG juice, they felt that their chest was a bit "heavy" but this could be specific to the individual and possibly a slight allergy to the vg, im not sure.

I have been "chain vaping" for almost a year now and feel 100% better than when I smoked and in the above article they mention....

"Previous studies have found that the electronic devices would have to be smoked daily for four to 12 months to achieve the levels of carcinogenic nitrosamines that are present in a single tobacco cigarette, said the researchers for that paper."

The anti ecig fanatics tend to gloss over stements like this one, that's for sure. :lol:
I also vape 100 % VG liquid and actually tolerate it much better then liquid mixed with PG. So I don`t know what those test subjects felt, but I can clearly say that, on the contrary, I can breath much better and easier then when I was smoking cigs.
I think most of it is scare tactics and all deals with money. There was some interview on the Today show where the headline was about how dangerous vaping could be. When I watched the interview, the doctor said it was relatively safe but the liquid is super dangerous for children and animals (well, duh). For people who hadn't bothered to watch the interview and only saw the headline, the news that vaping is dangerous gets all messed up and because they are pulling the headline.

I will always believe that vaping is 1000x better than smoking a cigarette.
The truth is, that the tobacco industry is loosing hundreds of dollars for ever smoker that switches to vaping. They are getting afraid that they would loose their income and their clients and are trying to do everything to convince people that vaping is much worse then smoking. Until vaping was invented, there was no real alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Now they have something new to deal with and they are confused.
It can definitely deposit water on your lungs, but the effects are way better than the ones from regular cigars. Overall, it's healthier and it also makes you smell good.
i think you should not vape too much

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