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Have you convinced anyone to try vaping?
I haven't convinced anyone to try vaping yet. My best friends were actually the ones who introduced me to it over a year ago. I love it! I'll probably convince my boy friend to jump on the band wagon soon. :lol:
My wife has become the official spokesperson for e-cigs since making the switch a few weeks ago. No-one has taken the bait yet, which leads me to believe that while they say they want to quit or make the switch, they really aren't that serious.
Ah, you don't have to convince them, most people are asking you to try as soon as they see it! It's not just tasty and a great alternative to cigs, it's also cool and awesome. Some people just aren't into inhaling anything, and I wouldn't be pushy and make them try it, but even those people will sometimes have a puff after you explain it a little.
I've converted quite a few people, actually! My fiance is one of my converts lol. I've also converted my mom and step dad, one of my best friends and a few strangers, too! A lot of vape shops include their business card with your order. I use those to give to people who inquire about "that thing I'm smoking" lol I absolutely love helping people kick the analog cigarette habit!
I'm currently trying to convert my dad, he's always been a pretty heavy smoker so it hasn't been easy.
I think I'll have to start throwing the term grandkids around, so he realizes the health benefits of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes.
Yeah, I am pretty much like you Strikstar, both my dad and my brother are smokers and especially my brother has been trying to quit without success, so I think he will be a vaper soon enough, at least I think I already know what I am getting for his birthday. Wink
I can never convince anyone to try vaper. Every time i try they say oh well its not gonna be the same i want the chemicals. If i buy them one they don't even use it.
For sure. I got my best friend and his wife to quit cigarettes for electronics once they tried mine. To this day I still have people stop and ask me about my e-cigg no matter where I go like bars, restaurants, or just out in general. For me it's pretty awesome to spread the word!
Yes, I tried convincing a few friends of my own and my cousin.
I convinced my gf to try vaping. When I started dating my girlfriend I was already a pack a day smoker. I've met her on a casual date . She was ok with it and after a few months I forced her to try vaping. She has never smoked a cigarette before and absolutely hates anything related to drugs or smoking but she loves vaping.

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