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Have you been told to put it away?
What about your experiences guys? Have you ever been told to stop vaping or to go to the smokers area if you wanted to vape?

It happened to me a few times in restaurants. I took a seat at the non-smokers area and was told to move to the smokers if I wanted to vape, because I was disturbing the non-smoking customers. This was also true when I wanted to vape on the bus, and was only allowed to vape on the train, if I negotiated and convinced the train conductor that vaping is harmless.

What about your negative experiences?
Believe it or not, I have not had that happen to me but im kind of self conscious about vaping in places where people are in close proximity (well unless they are smoking or vaping as well). I did get some funny looks when I vaped in semi stealth mode in my booth at a restaurant but when they saw me putting my device on the table they realized i wasn't smoking a real cig in a non-smoking restaurant.
I think people get slowly used to this new type of "smoking" and hopefully in a few years, we will be able to vape anywhere, as it should be. Currently, the general idea is that vaping creates "smoke" like a normal cig, so it is by default disturbing and not allowed in some places. Once people realize that vapors are just that, water vapors and not smoke, things will change.
I was told to put it away at work when I had a quiet vape in the common room but generally people seem to accept them and are curious rather than hostile. You'll always get some idiot who shouts that it's still 'smoking' but hopefully education should get shut them up. Besides, my vapour often smells better than they do!! Big Grin
Haha! You got a point there in any case. I can remember that people often told me that I smell like an ashtray most of the time and I just laughed them off. Now, after 1 year of vaping, I get what they ment by that and the smell of smoke is clearly stuck on any smoker.
Most places I go people give a stern look about it but none of me and my friends have ever been told to put it away, I've had a few of the oldies ask me what the point in it is and why I aren't smoking normally though, that's always interesting.
Yes. Yes I have.
Although, I don't really have a problem with that Smile

On the train to and from work I've sometimes vaped, where there weren't people in my imeadiate area. When the conductor, checking tickets, walked by my e-cig was lying on the table and he just told me that I shouldn't use it in the train. And I guess I can understand that.

Another time I was out shopping, and while browsing the huge selection of sugary cereal products I was vaping. An employee came over and told me that it wasn't allowed in the store.
And I guess i'm OK with it.
Fortunately I have never been told to stop vaping on public property Smile
While I can generally understand why people are not totally trusting e-cigs, I still find it a bit annoying that I`m not allowed to vape in certain places, and that they treat me exactly like they treat smokers. I understand that smoking has serious health issues and that you can damage the health of people around you as well if you smoke near them, but vaping has none of these side effects and is still banned on trains, shops, libraries or cinemas. I really hope it will change in the long run.
In my country, everybody loves them. They smell good and people don't have a reason to ask me to put them away, actually.
In Europe : never. Everybody agrees with them, a lot of people smoke in my area, so that isn't a problem anymore. But when I've been to Australia, I had to sit in a yellow corner dedicated to smokers so I wouldn't damage other people's heart.

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