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Haka eGo Passthrough
My friend got me one of these batteries recently and I just LOVE it. I normally use an eGo C Twist battery, so I missed being able to adjust the voltage when I got this one. Still I really like the draw on the Haka, it seems to suit me just fine and creates plenty of vapor.

The best thing about it is of course that it can be used while it is on the charger, and the charger is a mini USB, so it's very standard and I can charge it with other mini USB cables I have for different devices should something happen to the charging cord. (I have a problem cat who likes to chew cords, ugh!!)

One more thing about this battery…I got it in the rainbow color and it is SO pretty. I just love the way it looks and it is nice to use with different color clearomizers also.

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