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Hades Mech mod and 28.5 mm Tobh Atty
I have the mod, the atomizers, and 4 of the huge 26650 batteries coming in a few days and I can't wait!

This thing could double as a personal protection device is so bulky. I will come back and post pics of my holding it and with it next to my standard sized mech mods. Here is a pic of someone elses setup that matches the one I have coming.

[Image: PlXv9vrl.jpg]
Well, I like it. It seems pretty sturdy, isn't it? It's very nice, and I think it was worth the money! Enjoy it!
I've watched some reviews on youtube and apparently this thing is massive and built like a tank so I guess I don't have to worry if I drop the thing lol. I'll post pics once it arrives.
cool piece! how much did it cost?
amyyoh Wrote:cool piece! how much did it cost?

I'd have to go back and check the exact price but it was around $35usd for each piece so roughly 70 bucks for the whole device, not including batteries.

One thing to point out though is that while the device looks amazing with the atomizer that is the same width as the mod, it had a massive voltage drop.

It seems that the Dripping atomizer is so beefy and with the sheer size of the mod itself, it just sucked up a ton of the voltage before it even got a chance to fire the coils lol.

I took off the Tobh atomizer and replaced it with a tiny Atomic RDA and it was hitting like a champ.
I like it! It's a bit plain and looks pretty thick, but it looks sturdy and built to last! I'm sure it works well! Thanks for showing us your setup! It looks awesome!

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