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Grinder Mills
Product Introduction
Peanut鈥俠utter, tahini, food鈥俫rinding鈥俶achine cutting is suitable to in-line production or recycling processing of various types of fiber materials. After imported from the device into the working chamber, materials will pass through multiple shear planes, causing hundreds of times combination action of strong shearing, impacting, grinding and cavity, which can make significant effects of wet superfine pulverization.
Peanut鈥俠utter, tahini, food鈥俫rinding鈥俶achine is widely used in wet superfine pulverization processing of aquatic products, cereal fiber, peel and dregs of fruits and vegetables, soft fibers of juices and condiments in food material. Peanut鈥俠utter and tahini food grinding鈥俶achine adopting sanitary stainless steel material, manufactured precisely, can maximize the stability of equipments on the basis of wet superfine pulverization effects.
Technical Parameter
ModelPower/KWRotation speed/RPMProcess Capacity KG/H
SFJ -W(L)55.53000~600050~500
SFJ -W(L)11113000~4500100~1200
SFJ -W(L)15153000~4500300~1500
SFJ -W(L)22223000~4500750~2500
SFJ -W(L)37373000~45001500~3500
SFJ -W(L)45453000~45002000~4000
SFJ -W(L)55553000~45004000~6000
1. New Technology the international advanced controlled cutting technology, the fiber material fineness keep within the controlled scope, can fulfilling the production requirements of coarse, fine and ultrafine wet pulverization.
2. New structure shearing pulverization through the comb-shaped stator, gap density determined by the size of fineness, superior cutting force provided by ultra-high speed of the suction impeller, fiber wet pulverization up to 100 mesh.
3. More reliable integrated mechanical seal, solving the leakage of materials and the cooling medium pollution under high-speed operation by the greatest extent, convenient installation and replacement.
4. More Stable using optimal design, effective integration of advanced technology and innovative thinking, reflected in the design of a specific structures, providing a guarantee for the stable operation of the equipment.
1. Food fiber materials in wet ultrafine cutting and homogenizing
2. Animal and plant tissues in ultrafine cutting and slurrying processing
3. Particles and fat balls in solution in ultrafine cutting and homogenizing
4. Soluble (or miscible materials) solid and liquid in accelerated dissolution
5. Immiscible solid-liquid suspensions in ultrafine dispersion and mixing
6. Nanomaterial aggregates in strong deploymerization and ultrafine dispersion.
Q1: What price terms you offer?
A: We can offer FOB, CFR, CIF and other price terms based on your request.
Q2: What payment terms you take?
A: TT, LC, other terms are also workable.Grinder Mills

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