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Greetings from Beankeeper!
Hi everyone! My husband was a heavy smoker since the age of about 14. He's 26-years-old now but looks like he's in his 30's because of all his smoking. I've never smoked or vaped a day of my life but I joined this forum because we often have questions about vaping or experiences that we'd like to share with fellow vapers. I'm really grateful for vaporizers. I'm not sure my husband would have ever been able to quit smoking if we hadn't stumbled across vaping. Now, maybe we'll be able to grow old together. Smile
Hi there, welcome to both you and your husband. I was in a similar situation, smoked 2 packs a day for about 18 years and a year ago at 34 I felt like I was 44 and had to make a change.

I saw a guy streaming a game on and he was using a vaporizer so I asked in chat what it was and he was more than happy to share info with me and get me started. A year later I have come a long way and am now on zero nicotine but I continue to vape for the aromatherapy aspects of it.
Hello there! And welcome to the forum!

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