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Greetings all!
Hello there nice to meet you all, I'm 3Quency and i'm about to give up smoking at the end of this week and switch over to E-Cigs more in regards to money than health.

Looking for advice on what is the best value if possible, thanks!
Welcome to the forums. I wish you the best of luck in giving up smoking. You just have to be persistent and resist the urge to buy a pack, once you start vaping. Whenever you want to go buy cigs, just vape some more. Also try the higher concentration e-liquids first, if you smoked high nicotine cigs or smoked a lot in general.
Generally I have cut down to around 5 cigarettes a day so I shouldn't need too much nicotine. Is there a specific vaper I could use for work and is just as legal to use a vaper, I know it may sound a little odd but I am completely new to the idea.
I started with this one

But looking at their new kits, this one might be a great starter set up
Innokin is a great company, I have one of their high end mods.

Oh and welcome to the forums!

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Greetings all!00