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Got pulled over smoking my vape!
I worry about this sometimes, that an officer will mistake my ecig for something else, or think that I'm smoking something illegal. I heard of this happening a few times when ecigs first started to get popular. I think most officers know about them now, but you never know what they might think, especially since they can't exactly see what you are doing THAT closely most of the time.
That particular device (the mpv 2) probably isn't a good idea for drivers. By the way, as a pipe smoker, I might be tempted by an e calabash. Anyone in the business may want to target pipe smokers.
Wow that's pretty crazy but I wouldn't think that this doesn't happen all the time as some vapes can get you some double takes. I myself have done the double take a time or two at passers by just to realize its a fellow vaper.
An officer asked me once what I was smoking. He thought it was drug related. I was in uniform wearing a badge and I said, do you really think I'd use drugs in uniform? Then I told him what it was and he asked if it worked and where to get it, lol. He smoked and he wanted to give it a shot so I told him. The more police officers vaping, the more less confused they will be when they see giant mods sticking out of our mouths. If you are near the police, I encourage you to vape, they need to see it more so they can investigate it if suspcious and find out what its all about to avoid future stops.
In the UK they want to start ticketing people for smoking/vaping in parked cars with the engine off, you've got it easy OP.
Did he think you were a crazy person or something? Literally, who talks on their phone like that even if they are trying to sneak it? LOL Glad you didn't get in any trouble. I'm actually surprised the cop was legit and let you go with an apology. The ones we have around here are rude as anything. They would have taken it as drug paraphernalia for sure.
Havokere Wrote:In the UK they want to start ticketing people for smoking/vaping in parked cars with the engine off, you've got it easy OP.

Why? LOL
I can't say I'm surprised. Although these things are legal, other people seem to make a big fuss when they see you vaping. I worked at a restaurant and some people actually complained to the staff because a man was smoki a cigarette indoors. Strange, seeing as how the light at the tip of it was blue.

Because of people like that, we are no longer able to vape on certain airlines either. It makes me sick really. We're not hurting anyone, we're simply maki healthy choices and people have problems with it.
Glad everything worked out for you.It was an honest mistake, at least the officer was kind, and didn't find anything else to site you for while having you pulled over. With that being said it was a funny story :lol:

I will have to also keep that in mind if something similar happens to me. As a rule the cops make me nervous as they do a lot of people. I guess it's just one of those things we all share.
Though you were smoking lol.You were lucky to meet few of the nice policemen out there.

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