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Got pulled over smoking my vape!
Driving home from work and a cop I pass just swings right behind me and I know what's coming. Sure enough the lights go on and he pulls me over. He sees my phone GPS mounted to my window, and looks and says, "Oh, thought I saw you holding your phone to your mouth". I say nope, just my e-cig, and point to my MVP2, that I now realize can easily be mistaken for a phone.
He apologized, told me to have a nice day and left. Most pleasant police experience I've ever had. :lol:
lol crazy, they recently made talking on cell phones without a hands free device illegal here in Illinois so I will have to keep this in mind Smile
LOL, what a story really Silvio, the cop must have felt dumb because he made you stop over that, that is why probably he was so nice... Big Grin

Illegal to speak on the phone hands free? Really? So far it's legal here where I live...
I had to look up the MVP2 but you're right, it's so bulky that it could be mistaken for a phone when you're driving by, I understand the policeman's mistake.
It's great that he apologized and let you go, some would just make up some story to be able to write you a ticket.
Come on lol, not all law agents want to cause us trouble, but in fact there aren't that many humble enough to assume that they made a mistake. Luckily it's not yet forbidden to vape and drive. Smile
Wow, what a story Silvio! I can't even imagine what was going through your mind when the cop asked you to stop, I bet you never thought it was about your e-cig. Good that you didn't start laughing at him, you could have been in trouble if you did. :p
When I read your headline, "Got Pulled Over for Smoking My E Ciggarette" I thought you lived in a state that had passed a law about smoking in a car with kids in it. I think Washington State is trying to pass that one.
I would not be surprised if such laws started to appear Judy, but just out of curiosity, is it forbidden as well in Washington State to smoke regular cigarettes in the car?
Geeze, bet he missed 15 people yakking/texting on their cell phones while you were pulled over for your e-cig. Gotta love it. :|
Lol that is super funny, I am glad he was nice enough to let you go and there wasn't any problems. Usually cops around here will find something the matter and write you a ticket for something, I have only had two or three nice cops that even let me go for speeding as I did not know the right speed limit.

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