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[Giveaway]Join to win Oumier VLS RDA on 3FVAPE
Everyone hello,
Want to win's a Original Oumier VLS RDA for free? Smile

Enter the Oumier VLS RDA Giveaway now >>> 1 winners will be chosen randomly.

The Authentic Oumier VLS RDA is constructed from PEI and stainless steel with 25mm outer diameter. The separately deck is with dual-pole quad-hole to support vertical coil / transverse coil and single coil / dual coil building. The VLS RDA supports five-hole side airflow and comes with BF pin for bottom feeder.

[Image: xJa0g2i.png]

If you can not wait for have this item, you can also order the Authentic Oumier VLS RDA directly on 3FVAPE.

Thank you for support 3FVAPE, wish you good luck !Big Grin

[Image: Authentic-Oumier-VLS-RDA-Giveaway.jpg]
Hello everyone.
Have you ever worried about that you not know enough about the product?
Don't worry,this time we present to you the Oumier VLS RDA unboxing video.

Is this video done some help to you?
Check the product page at 3FVAPE to find more:

Oumier VLS RDA - Silver

Oumier VLS RDA - Black

Oumier VLS RDA - Gold
Hey there.
After two weeks of giveaway activities,the Oumier VLS RDA Giveaway is finally comes to an end.
It's a great honor to be here to publish the final result of the Oumier VLS RDA giveaway.
And send my congratulations to the winners,and thanks for your participate.
If you failed to win this giveaway ,don't feel pity ,we also have several other giveaway activities underway.
Maybe next time the winner is you.

Thank you for joing the giveaway! Click to check the Oumier VLS RDA Giveaway Winner>>
[Image: vsGZLXg.png]

If you want to order this item directly,click on this link to purchase>>>

Thank you for your support to 3FVAPE!

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[Giveaway]Join to win Oumier VLS RDA on 3FVAPE00