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For anyone keeping spare battery in pockets
A friend called me today and told me he had his spare battery in his pocket and without thinking put his keys in his pocket and later almost got burned from the keys contacting the battery. Why people don't use those great inventions called a battery case is beyond me. Really though just a heads up be careful with your rig and how you transport it and the accessories. I figure it's always a good idea to take the chance to remind people/educate new people on battery safety.
Wow that is scary. I have never had a battery case though, but I know it can be dangerous to keep batteries in your pocket, even if there is nothing else there. I have nearly been burnt that way before by accidentally turning the button on while it is in my pocket.

I like the batteries you can turn off best like the ego Twist, it seems a lot safer to me. I will have to look into a battery case though, I don't know why I never thought to get one, I always carry a spare battery or two with me...
Ouch! I don't really keep any spare batteries in my pockets, but thanks for the general reminder.
Well that's just a place near things i do not want to get burned :lol:
I never even thought twice about it, but i have a carry case for my extra accessories that is always somewhere nearby. Soon i will need a suitcase to lug around all the "toys" i have acquired. Just thought i would give a friendly reminder.
I am not sure why he had batteries in his pocket to begin with, that was not a smart idea. Some kind of case is always needed for all your components I supposed, I usually just have to charge it once to last me the day, so I never had the use to carry extra batteries around.
Wow I can't believe I've never thought about this! I've been doin this a lot lately,I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me. Thanks for raising the awareness bro, I would of been pissed if I got burnt.
Be careful when it hotter temps too. I have had batteries get pretty hot on me when the temp is fairly hot. I keep my vapes in a cool place and out of the sun for the most part.
What is the purpose to carry extra batteries? You are already carrying the vape pen. So make lessen your load, prepare your vape pen for the whole day use.

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