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FDA's plan to regulate e-cigarettes
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Looks like the FDA is actually getting more involved now. When I first read the title, I was scared, but some of these aren't that surprising:

Quote:If adopted, the government’s plan would force manufacturers to curb sales to minors, stop handing out free samples, place health warning labels on their products and disclose the ingredients. Makers of e-cigarettes also would be banned from making health-related claims without scientific evidence.

The free sample thing is going to be a big problem, but adding labels and telling people not to make potentially false-claims does make sense.
I remember reading that on my news feed this morning! It does make some sense, I suppose. I mean, there's laws in my state that you have to been 19 or older to get either cigarettes OR vapes, and I suppose the FDA is just trying to crack down on it? :| I agree that you shouldn't sell vapes to minors though. And yeah, the no more free samples thing sucks.
"Stop handing out free samples"

^ Isn't that a pretty tried and true business model? That and if said samples are only given to adults, why would the FDA care? Wink
Greaser Wrote:^ Isn't that a pretty tried and true business model? That and if said samples are only given to adults, why would the FDA care? Wink

Yeah, they really shouldn't care so long as everyone is of a legal age. It would be pretty easy to get around if they just charge something nominal like $.25 for unlimited samples or something.

Then again, it might be to crack down on them being used in public, too.
Well those regulation plans don`t seem so bad to me. Apart from making claims that e-cigs are healthier without scientific evidence. But that also won`t really be a problem, since people can just go on the Internet and read for themselves.
It is just like the government to take control of something so that they can make money off of something they had no way to but, through the FDA. It is not enough that it is going to stop as many people from smoking. I guess they are scared of losing the money from cigarette taxes. The best thing is to let them have their little say so and, think about the best thing for vaping. If its not available it is bad for all of us.
They will never ban e-cigs. It's an industry like the tobacco industry (not has powerful) but it brings money to the country.
I doubt they would try to ban then either. I dont know why the fda is crawling up the ecigs legs for this is a good thing. They'll be saying its more dangerous than an actual cig next.

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