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.: FΛDED REVIEWS :. Boardwalk by We out here doe (Flawless)
[Image: kRDAKDx.png]
[Image: fadedboardwalk-jpg.2798]

Manufacturer's description: Amazing mix of bubblegum and ice cream

★ Blows ★★ Decent ★★★ Pleased ★★★★ Good ★★★★★ Loved it

Smoothness: ★★
Flavor: ★★
Sweetness: ★★★
Clouds: ★★★
Overall: ★★☆

Thoughts: I didn't feel the manufacturer's description was 100% accurate as they described, I feel it could have been better. In high wattages, I get a sweet vape with a hint of bubblegum, no ice cream flavor in both tanks and RDAs. In lower wattages, slight cream flavor comes out instead of just sweetness, which is my preferred way for vaping this juice, super sub ohm builds killed the flavor on this one. Not my favorite ice cream or bubblegum vape by any means, but it's good, just nothing to write home about. I've enjoyed some of the others from Flawless's line more, I wasn't really feeling this one. This juice didn't gunk up the coils too bad.

*This product was reviewed with 2 different devices: Purge B2B v2, CSMNT RDA SS dual parallel macros at .08Ω for clouds & a Dotbox 300w, NarDA RDA SS micro at .25Ω for flavor. Kendo cotton.

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.: FΛDED REVIEWS :. Boardwalk by We out here doe (Flawless)00