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Etsy Shuts Down Artists' Shops for Carrying Drip Tips
I got this e-mail from a friend of mine who sells regularly on Etsy:
A heads-up.
"Etsy has shut my store down for carrying handmade drip tips. I know of one other in the last few days this has happened to. If I remove my drip tips, they will restore my "selling privileges". That won't be happening. Apparently (not in their list of prohibited items yet, that I can see) drip tips are deemed to be 'drug-taking paraphernalia'."
Wow that crazy, i hope that sites like Etsy and ebay etc wake up and change their policies related to these types of items.
Well they sell bongs and weed pipes i don't see how drip tips would matter. Hopefully the world will catch up soon.
WHAT? That's just insanity. If they want to take those down then they better pull all the glass "tobacco" pipes they sell. Or the tie-dye shirts. That is so crazy. I don't understand the logic of some websites.
This sounds like the actions of one hysterical employee, especially with how many bongs you can find on etsy. Kick up a stink about it, I'm pretty sure they'll back down.
Wow!!! that's so unfair, sorry to hear of that. The problem with selling online on sites like esty, is people that also report you. When you get flagged from out of the
blue it really sucks.I really wish these sites would rethink their policy, when it comes to stuff of this nature.

It just seems restictions are everywhere these days. Can't seem to get around them. I had a esty shop it didn't do to well,I do a lot of crafting. I really hope for the sellers sake that these unfair selling condtions will become less of a hassle in the

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