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It is like ebay for juice it seems. This one may be too good to be true. The site looks kind of sketchy to

me at first glance. The juices already listed seem legit thought.

I would like a site like this so I could find some quality juice at a lower price. Not sure how long this

will last once paypal gets wind i understand they have a no juice policy or something.

Tread with care ... t-auctions
Hmm nice find man and yea I think this looks a little on the low budget end and I wouldn't really risk attaching any financial info to this site. We do need a big name auction site run by a trusted name to give us some place to legitimately sell liquid and vaping merchandise.

My brother actually just got a call today from ebay telling him they pulled his ecig listing even though he did all the little tricks with wording on his listing.
Really? Wow I had read that they were getting much more strict and have told vendors they had to pull their listings or be banned. I see where they are coming from, but why start this now? There is no regulations in place against selling juice, parts, or rigs set in stone. Seems smarter just to wait and see what regulations get installed then go from there.
That's crazy. What a concept. And to the poster above. They said LIKE eBay not the actual site. Sounds like quite a concept. We'll see if it'll float in this world of crazy stuff. I might give it a try if I can.

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