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Does your school/university allow e-cigs?
In Eastern Europe, they are allowed at the University as long as the professor agrees with it. Most professors don't have anything about it, so I can smoke whenever I want. What about you?
I finished school a few years before ecigs got more mainstream but I do know that my sons school for example lumps them in with their tobacco policies so they aren't allowed. Of course this isn't a shock since he is in high school so most of the students aren't even old enough to legally purchase an ecig lol.
I'm not sure about schools but I have experimented with various places and I have found that while I do get a lot of strange looks no one says anything. It's actually a pretty funny social experiment because most people will look at me like I'm doing something terrible but once they see that the smoke doesn't stink it's all good =).
I forgot to add that General Schools and High School definitely don't allow it unless you're 18 or over 18. At the University, though, you can smoke whenever you want to.
They allow it, but unless you're 18 or above. And I find this rule very fair, as children shouldn't experience vaping. If you start with vaping, you'll eventually start smoking later.
I'm no longer in college, so can't say either way. The office I work in, tobacco smoke is verboten, but ecigs are fine. In fact, that policy is part of the reason I got interested in them in the first place.
Most offices allow any kind of smokers and in the universities from my country, there are no strict rules related to this.
No my university doesn't allow us to smoke anything within 200.. yards? feet? I can't remember but there are officers around campus and if they see you smoking... whew well that sucks for you sucker.
I've never specifically looked into it, but I've used mine around campus without getting in trouble. I still try to use it discreetly to avoid issues. When I use it outside, nobody says anything though. When I'm inside I'm usually inside of my dorm building, so there's really only other students in there that generally don't care.
My college and technical university where I live follow the policy that if you are eighteen years old you can use your e-cigg if you so choose to. That is one of the purposes of this new thing, right? With all of the dangers of the real things and banning that is going on that is why these e-ciggs are really perfect. We can still get our nicotine in healthier way and, not get others sick with the vapor instead of second hand smoke.

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