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Does the smoke annoy the others?
Everybody loves it at my workplace. It has a special perfume and they usually ask me to smoke a little more so they can still smell that wonderful flavor.
Takedon Wrote:Everybody loves it at my workplace. It has a special perfume and they usually ask me to smoke a little more so they can still smell that wonderful flavor.

I have never had anyone complain about my vapor but I tend to not use it conspicuously in areas where I wouldn't ordinarily smoke a real cig.

I think a lot of ppl are more against what they think might be harmful in the vapor, it has a lot to do with people fearing what they don't understand I think.
I don't think that people mind the smoke once they get over the initial assumption that it will be like the other forms of smoking. I personally enjoy the smell of cigars but know that most people hate them. Once of the things that attracts me about vaping is that it has a pleasant smell and can be done anywhere.
I haven't had anyone say that I've annoyed them with vapor. However, I do try to avoid using mine in places that I wouldn't smoke a cigarette. I don't really use mine in public because I don't want anyone messing with me about it. I have used it in the movie theater but only when there weren't other people around.
The only person that has ever asked me to put it down was an asthmatic and I could understand him. I immediately apologized but it hasn't happened to me before.
I've noticed when people are using these around me they do have a smell, but it doesn't bother me. Although I was in a an area where someone was vaping, and the people sitting around them got up and left and didn't like the smell at all. I think everyones sense of smell is different. I know I've lost a lot of my smelling sense since I've started smoking and I am looking forward to gaining some of it back.
in my experience it does. sometimes people will just get off their seats and leave and it's obvious that it's because of the smoke. i would imagine though that smoke from regular cigs would be much worse.
Some people just don't like the smoke. Others are simply afraid of it (they're thinking it's toxic). One thing is certain : most of them like it.
I`ve never heard of someone getting annoyed by vapes. Even people who hate smokers tolerates vapes and vapers much better. The fact that vapes usually dissolve in a few minutes, as opposed to smoke, which hangs around a room for hours, also helps a lot I think.
It seems that it depends. Some people might hate the flavor, others might hate the fact that it's dense and it's coming into their eyes while others are just afraid of it.

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