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Does Nicotine Aid Weight Loss?
Quote:I get a lot of health-related questions about chemicals. An interesting one is whether nicotine aids in weight loss. Now, we're not talking about smoking, which involved a complex set of chemicals and physiological processes, but pure nicotine, which is available over the counter, primarily in products intended to help people quit smoking. If you search for information about the effects of nicotine, you'll find all sorts of research on smoking, but relatively little on the health effects of this one specific chemical.

Read the full article at:

Oh and check out this part of the article that I wasn't aware of, regarding nicotine addiction.

Quote: It's interesting to note that while tobacco use is addictive, pure nicotine actually is not. It is the MAOI in tobacco that leads to the addiction, so persons taking nicotine who are not exposed to monoamine oxidase inhibitors do not necessarily suffer addiction and withdrawal from the substance.
Yes. It has been proved a lot of times. I have become thinner as well since I've started smoking and I don't really like it.
Not everytime. Depends on your organism, to be honest. But nicotine addiction aids weight loss somehow, as it makes hungriness fade out. However, it's not a way of losing weight. People should start exercising and eating healthy. That's how you lose weight and keep it off.

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