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Do you use it in your house?
My family is against smoking regular cigars but when it comes to an e-cig, everybody loves the nice smell of the smoke. What about you?
After years of being banished to the garage or patio in the freezing cold, I use it in the house. Nobody seems to mind the vapor at all and it smells really good, so, why not?! I told everyone that since I've quit smoking, they are not allowed to push me in the garage. I've spent too many cold days/nights outside and I deserve to be inside! But seriously, I've never had any complaints from family members. They seem to enjoy it when I'm using a coffee-flavored juice or hazelnut so I try to use those around them the most.
I vape all the time in my house. Best thing is, visitors don`t complain anymore about the horrible smell of tar and carbon monoxide. They just mention that it smells like apples or oranges or whatever I tend to vape at that time. Really great stuff.
Actually, I don't allow visitors to light their cigars anymore :lol: . I tell them that I don't want this house to smell like smoke like it used to.
Yes, I use mine in my home. I do not see any reason not to. It does not make the place smell and it won't hurt anyone else. It is so nice to be able to use it on those cold or rainy days. We just had the worst winter ever, and I am glad I was able to stay inside and smoke it!
It's actually great to be able to smoke inside and outside no matter what conditions there are. Also, if you want to smoke in space, you won't be able to ignite anything in there so you will want a vaper.
Yeah, I vape inside.
That being said, I also smoked cigarettes inside.
At least now, my apartment doesn't smell like nicotine Big Grin
That's like the number one reason I got one. :mrgreen: I've never had any complaints (no one have even mentioned it rather) from anyone, I just make sure that it doesn't bother any one visiting though.

I'm a bit worried that my landlord sees me vaping through my window and believeing that I'm smoking instead of vaping. We have no rules agains smoking/vaping inside though, you'd just have to pay for smoke damages, which would never occur by just vaping. :mrgreen:
I don't have to pay for the apartment perfumes anymore. Now, I can make my entire smell like strawberries with around 20 smokes in every room Big Grin.
Well, I'm living alone, and I can smoke in my house with no problem. Still, the smoke shouldn't be a problem, as it is not toxic, or at least not as toxic as cigarette smoke is.

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