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Do you think this is a good purchase?
Hey guys,

I am new to vaping and decided to buy my very first kit

The brand and product seems highly recommended, i read and find that many recommend this, so like another opinion on this(order been made thou)

if you have some other good suggestions please let me know or advise me please.
T_T no one responded...anyway i bought a Ego 2200mah from them waiting for deliver and they gave me a coupon. So sharing if anyone is interested.

20% off for the star product:
MadeInChina:GS PTS01 Micro 5-Pin Passthrough with Android Micro Charger smart way of electronic vaporiz/ White
Valid Till:20/09/2015
According to me, you can use vitamin b12 vape pen formulation. Since it contains vitamin b12 as an essential supplement and that is why it has good health benefits. Moreover, you can also use it as a good substitute for a cigarette.
Yea, it loooks goooood. did you buy it? howazzit?

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