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Do you think they could ban it?
What do you guys think? Could governments ban vaping altogether because of supposed health risk and other factors? I know that in some countries around the globe, they have no even begun taxing it. Vaping seems to be a wild card right now, with some people pro, some against.
I could talk for hours about this but seeing as I am starving lol I will have to be brief. In short, at least in the US, I dont see vaporizing being banned as a whole. I do however see cities banning their use where smoking is banned and some already have.

I can see the FDA regulating ejuice, and even taxes placed on ejuice that contains nicotine.

There are some big players that are pushing hard to do whatever they can to hurt vaping and ecigs because it is really hurting their bottom line but this is one hobby (or addiction to some lol), that people are really pulling together to defend.

Smoking is dead and it really bugs big tobacco and big pharma.
I would love seeing big tobacco companies like British American struggle to make money because everybody started vaping and replacing real cigs with e-cigs, but I`m a bit pessimistic on this. I think people will always pay a reasonable amount of money for a pack of cigs if they are hooked. It can be very hard to get off cigs and start vaping. I know from personal experience. However, my biggest fear is that they will start taxing us like they tax cigs and that vaping will become as expensive as smoking.
We have quite a few cities and some entire states that want to add a 95% tax on ecigs and nicotine juice. In a number of cases, the people pushing for the new taxes aren't tragetting ecigs specifically, it's because at some point, ecigs were classified as tobacco products so they are "lumped in" with chewing tobacco, cigs, cigars, etc.

I know Hawaii for example actually pulled ecigs and juice out of the proposed bill so they could focus on it separately because as it stood, it would hurt a lot of local businesses.

Something that i heard awhile back that I found interesting, apparently the company that owns Newport brand cigs here in the states, actually owns the Blu brand ecigs. They must already be seeing either a drop in profits, or looking to take advantage of a booming new market (or quite possibly, both).
Yeah, I agree. And I think it is only a matter of time, until big tobacco companies start buying up or even founding e-cig companies, so that they can profit from this new market. Maybe some day we will see Marlboro e-juice produced by Marlboro itself.
I don't think they will ban it completely but here in Dallas, I've seen places that specifically state "no smoking and no vaping." So I guess people are up in arms about it. I look at it this way, the good of vaping far outweighs the good of smoking a real cigarette. Thus far, I've been successful in not smoking a real cigarette because I use a vaporizer. The news reports I've seen seem to be more about scaring people, which I think is wrong.

I'm still new to vaping and I'm learning my way around it, but so far, I really enjoy it. I wish people would understand that I started in order to help myself and I think it can help so many other smokers. If they DO ban it, then I think there will be a lot of people who won't stop smoking or will simply start smoking again.

I don't mind the "no vaping" rule. I understand. I know people can be weird about it, so I try to respect that. I just don't like the idea that they lump vaping into the same category as smoking or using chewing tobacco because it's completely different. That being said, I don't think it will be banned but I DO think that we will see a huge rise in tax on e-liquid and supplies. Eventually, I figure they will treat them just like cigarettes.
In the UK they are already on about increasing and taxing the hobby, I've seen people bulk buying liquids, etc from the shopping centers to try and get ahead of it. It's panic buying season for it at the moment.
Hmmm...I'm willing to bet the U.S. isn't far behind. I've been seeing a lot of news reports on vaping. In fact, I saw two in the last two days that tried to make it sound like it's super dangerous. When I watched the reports though, they didn't really say anything. I always look at it as media propaganda. There's always that scare factor and I suppose it was a slow news day, lol.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens with vaping here in America. I remember years ago that they were supposed to start putting obscene pictures of black lungs ect. on cigarette packs but that never happened. So, things change. So far, prices have stayed the same here. I get my e-liquid 3 for $20 at the local vape shop up the road. I talked to the owner today and he said they didn't plan on changing the pricing anytime soon. So there's that.
I see regulations being put in place on things that need regulating, such as the way batteries that us vapers use, and the way that ejuice is made and under what guidelines but a ban? nah.

The issue is, what would they ban? Ecigs (the blue brand type), the e liquid, the batteriess, the mods, the tanks, all individually? Even Ebay cant keep vaporizer parts off their site because technically they are in the correct category even though they list them as tobacco products which are not allowed. Check it out. Consumer Electronics>Gadgets & Other Electronics>

Vaping (what you do once you get past using simple ecigs) is something that a lot of people are getting behind and standing up for, if you thought pot heads were creative wait till they see what happens if the government tries to ban the use, sale, and purchase of vaporizers and juices.

Now, high taxes on the little ecigs and ejuice that contain nicotine, I can definitely see that happening in the U.S.

Lol one example of how to get creative and make your own juice using stuff purchased from Wal-Mart


Oh and once people cut out the nicotine completely, they can just shop at a site or store that supplies the food industry, such as
ChrisA Wrote:Yeah, I agree. And I think it is only a matter of time, until big tobacco companies start buying up or even founding e-cig companies, so that they can profit from this new market. Maybe some day we will see Marlboro e-juice produced by Marlboro itself.

Already happening, Blu is owned by the makers of Newport Cigs, I believe.

"Makers of the battery-powered devices include Lorillard Inc. (LO), a Greensboro, North Carolina-based producer of standard cigarettes, which acquired Blu Ecigs for $135 million in April. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to impose rules on the testing and production of e-cigarettes."

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