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Do you prefer to shop online, or visit a store?
I'm split pretty 50/50 with that. If I'm shopping for juices, my local shop has a killer juice bar where I can try anything I'd like (they have over 100 different brands, flavors, so, that keeps me busy.) I rarely order juice online unless someone recommends some to me. I'd much rather try it before buying.

If I'm buying coils (I finally graduated to making my own, yay!) or batteries, etc... I always buy those online. The mark up is too high in stores near me to justify it, even though I want to help them out. I can't pay $90 for something that I can buy for $30 online.
I like to shop at a store. I think the overall experience is better. You can ask the workers questions and for new recommendations and stuff like that. At the place I go to the man lets me try different things for free -like he will give a brand new pen and let me take it home and test it- and if I like it I buy a lot from him and recommend it to friends. Build relationships with the people! It pays off, it's not what you know, it's who you know!
I think it's easier to shop in the store. There, you can have direct conversation with the workers and ask questions about the product. Also, you do not have to pay for shipping and do not have to wait to receive your package. Also, you can see the product in person and buy your e-cig without any bad surprises.
Well, my local stores have very good gear, so I prefer shopping from there. But when it comes to flavors, I always shop for them online. I like to get them from good dealers and have the best vaping experience. And when I shop for gear I want to test out what I'm buying, so I prefer buying it from stores.
I personally like visiting a store rather than shopping online just because I like to go out and see people. I don't always have the time to visit a store. Shopping online is convenient it allows you to buy things without hurting your schedule. The best thing about shopping online is that it gives you privacy because you won't have people looking at you while you shop. Not only that, but the receipts are usually made so that no one will know what you bought.
I prefer visiting a store because I like to physically see what I am going to buy and be able to see the quality of the product. Also, I don't really mind people looking at what I buy.
I prefer going personally to a store. I think it's always better to try out or experience the product iteself before you pay for it. Plus it's better to have the assurance of seeing a legit store and holding the product in your hand personally instead of just looking at pictures online and paying someone behind a desk half way around the globe. Who knows it's a scam or a bogus. :? Confusedhock: Cry
Until I am an experienced vaper I would prefer to buy in a store of course because I would have a ton of questions to make and I want to check the material. For an experienced vaper I think online is a better choice though.
I prefer to visit a store to purchase my vapor products. I believe it is a highly personal choice whether you buy online or in a store.
Definitely online, that's where I've found all the best deals. That goes for almost anything really, but especially e cigs.

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