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Do you miss the other cigs?
Do you ever miss smoking your old regular cigs or does vaping do it for you?
Vaping works for me 90% of the time.. but every now and then (especially when drinking) I gotta go back to ol' reliable. Vaping definitely cuts down on my consumption (1 pack/day down to 2 packs a month TOPS) though.
I actually don't miss cigs, considering I still smoke them along with vaping. Vaping is certainly nice, as it doesn't smell, doesn't burn as much, and stuff, but it's a far different experience to smoking an actual cigarette. There's nothing quite like lighting up a cigarette, smelling that smell, seeing that smoke, and then inhaling it and tasting the menthol or tobacco flavor.

I probably need to drop the habit. I smoke way too many cigs and don't vape nearly enough.
When I get drunk I definitely miss them, and usually if I choose to smoke the old ones I'm drinking. I love vaping but you can't get as good of a strong burning hit like you can with a real one. I know it's not healthy but at least it's just a weekend thing. I'm OK with that.
I don't think that miss is the right word, it's more like an urge we have inside to smoke, but this is channeled elsewhere and with time it disappears.
It took me a few months after making the switch to stop craving regular cigarettes. I definitely believe there are other addictive compounds in cigarettes besides nicotine, because it felt like some sort of withdrawal/a feeling of something missing for awhile.

Two years as a vaper now though and I am totally satisfied with my e-cig. I can't remember the last time I craved a regular cigarette, even while drinking, surrounded by other smokers, and in times of extreme stress. In fact the thought of burning a cigarette is really gross to me now, I can not stand the smell!

SO happy to have an alternative!
Those like me who smoked a long time ago envy these times where an alternative in fact exists like you say Puffin, and vaping is a really good alternative. Smile
Yup, I'm just happy that an alternative exists and came around pretty much right as I got into smoking. In my grandfather's day the alternative to smoking was chewing tobacco which is just as gross as cigarettes but in an entirely different way. I miss real ciggs but I like vaping so much more.
Not until I am out and smell some one else's.

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