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Do you inhale the vapor into your lungs?
I do it sometimes, but most of the times I just puff on it. I heard that inhaling the vapor into your lungs will make them wetter, and that's very dangerous, so I try to avoid inhaling the vapor as much as possible. I don't know if this is a true fact though.

What about you? Do you inhale the vapor into your lungs?
I do inhale the vapor and although I have heard about extra moisture being trapped in your lungs I never really worried about it.

Recently I backed off on the amount I vape because I felt a pain when I inhaled without vaping and thought maybe i was having an allergic reaction to the PG in my liquid. The pain has gone away but I will continue to try to not chain vape so often and I will buy some 100% VG juice and see if that helps.
Hm, are you sure it's only an allergy and it's not from vaping? I've seen some cases in which vaper smokers got their lungs damaged, even cancer.
The only thing this thread did was scare me, honestly ha ha. I am now wanting to do some research on vaping. I never knew that inhaling the vapor was bad for you. I mean, it can't be good but I wasn't aware that it could get water trapped in your lungs or make you develop problems.

Time to look into this. Sad
The pain i was feeling is actually gone, I believe it was just a viral infection that has passed.

At any rate, I would love to read any articles you find regarding vaping causing cancer. So far the only ones I can find are related to inhaling massive amounts of nicotine and even those are vague about the results.
#6 ... illed-him/

That's the article. It's one interesting read in my opinion. I think that it depends on how good a brand is though.
I really appreciate all of your posting on this forum but please please please use common sense when reading articles about vaping and ecigs. If in fact the company that manufactures the ecig that DJ bought did add such high concentrations of nicotine and harmful chemicals such as Anti freeze then they are in the minority and should be investigated.

"Cig-alikes" which are the ones that look like real cigs should be avoided first off and for those of us using personal vaporizers I would advise buying ejuice from reputable mixologists that use ONLY food grade flavorings and pg/vg and add NOTHING else to their juice aside from liquid nicotine in safe levels.

The article you posted is what we call yellow journalism and is a scar tactic to protect the interests of big tobacco and big pharma.

I do thank you for the link and it was in fact, as you said an "interesting read"
Oh, I'm sorry then. Still, it's good to spread the word, as more people would get aware of those nasty companies that produce harmful e-cigs.
No, I don't inhale the vapor. However, this is due to the fact that my "analog" choice of smoke are cigars. Force of habit, if you will.
I usually try to puff, but i sometimes inhale it! It does not bother me too bad, but in others it varies!

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