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Do people still see it as something new?
Even though e-cigarettes have been around for over 10 years, I am under the impression that most people still sees them as something new. Does this happen because people prefer other methods to try to quit or what might be the reason for this?
I think that it's possibly due to the recent huge rise in visibility of them along with the influx of new and awesome devices and parts being created that have turned it into a hobby for more and more people.
That might be true, I didn't even know that all those devices and flavors existed, so I am learning a lot here. As more products related to vaping keep appearing I also expect that the distribution increases and therefore more and more people know about them.
They are definitely not new, but they've been surging in popularity recently. It may be a new concept for a lot of people, and thus they may also think that e-vapes are a new product. They've been around but haven't been accepted as easily till now.
I actually wasn't aware until very recently that they were quite so old. I think they've come into public view a lot more recently, as people have said, with a huge surge in the range of devices and flavours, as well as a huge push in advertising. I do know a lot of people who wouldn't smoke, but would use e-cigs. It's a lot easier to get into these days.
I think that the fact that they are not mainstream makes that most people are not familiar with them, even though they have been around for a while. I think the tendency is that more and more people vape, so less and less people will consider vaping something "new", it's just a matter of time.
In my area these are pretty new and odd. The first vaping store has opened like two years ago, but I see more and more people switching to vaping now which is nice.
A few people may be familiar with ecigs, but governments are betting on most people not being familiar with them. That is why we're seeing efforts to make ecigs as evil as regular cigarettes.

Governments are in a big hurry to make ecigs undesirable, before most people are exposed to them.
I don't know why governments do that, is it the tobacco lobby working at it's best? I would expect that taxing on e-cigs would make them equally desirable for governments.
I think that slowly and gradually vaping is becoming more known and when the distribution starts to be made to general stores more and more people will understand what vaping is.

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