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Disappointing experiences?
I started vaping when I ordered a crown7, black pen-style kit and loved their menthol flavor. Always cautious with supply issues, I also picked up one of those "Blu" e-cig kits. I chose Blu because it was the e-cig sold at Walgreen's, at the time.

I cannot stand Blu's flavoring.

As with most starter kits, Blu came with sample cartridges of different flavors. All of their flavors had a strange sweetness that I don't like. Just trying the variety pack included in the starter kit turned me off, completely.

Have you had any disappointing experiences with e-cigs?
Yes. I have. The Blu e-cigs are terrible. They were the first ones I ever tried and it turned me off completely from vaping for about a year. Then, I tried the King's soft e-cigs and I had high hopes but those were equally as awful. It wasn't until earlier this year that I knew I was ready to quit smoking and I decided to try an actual vaporizer. I haven't looked back. I love my vaporizer! Those throw away Blu's and the King's are just awful and a terrible rip off.
I'm right there with the both of you, I was very put off by the cig-alikes lol. I tried some disposable kit from my local gas station, and while i gave it my best shot, they were just disappointing.

I was tired of giving up on the whole quitting thing so I went looking for something better and stumbled on a variable voltage vape pen battery called the Vision Spinner. I tossed a clearomizer on it and was blown away.

From there I did a bit more research and found out about advanced mods and tanks and like ya said, there was no looking back lol.

Now I am obsessed with building my own coils and using mechanical mods and it's really fun since I love to "tinker"

Oh and I usually tell people to not spend their money on the Blu brand along with a couple others that I can't of the name because they are owned by tobacco companies.
Yeah, I think when people think of vaporizing and the like, they think of those disposable ones. I remember thinking that's all there was and I remember when those were the only option, lol. They always hurt my throat and just tasted nasty. I also remember when those e-cig kits were like $100! My husband is really interested in building his own stuff. I'm sure he'll get to it one of these days. He rebuilds arcade machines and old video game systems so I would think he would enjoy something like that, lol.
Yes, I did experience some bad things. I would have expected the tobacco flavor to be better and more like the real cigar taste.
My dad got regular tobacco flavor and he just didn't care for it at all. I'm proud of him. Aside from not liking the tobacco flavor, he quit smoking completely by vaping. He was a smoker for 50+ years! It did take him awhile to find a flavor he really enjoyed, though. I was afraid that it was going to put him off of vaping if he didn't find something he liked. Turns out, he enjoys the fruitier flavors.
My friend bought a cigalike at a local store which I don't remember the name of, but it was really bad. The vapor was almost nonexistent! :o
Actually, cheap e-cigs will always be like this. The smoke won't be dense at all and it will feel like you're vaping air.

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