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Different resistance from the "same" battery?
Hello folks. I use eLeaf 20 watt istick batteries, with SmokTek bottom coil clearomizers, and 1.8 ohm coils. These batteries show the voltage, wattage, and ohms of resistance in a window when used. I like the istick, but like all rechargeable batteries, they eventually wear out. I recently bought a new istick, and here's the question: when I put the exact same  clearomizer on the old battery, it shows 1.8 ohms resistance, and when I put it on the new battery, it shows 2.2 ohms resistance. Its not just a glitch in the readout, because it really does respond like a 2.2 ohm coil-slower response, less vapor, different taste. I'm certain that I bought an identical istick. Why would the new battery show different resistance on the same coil? Thanks

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Different resistance from the "same" battery?00