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Did you choose your color?
I didn't have any choice and the last one was pink. I've bought it anyway and people still ask me why I chose that color. What about you? Do you even care about the color?
I didn't have any places that sold ecigs except the little cheap ones that looked lke real cigs so I had yo use the internet to get mine which give me more color choices. I ended up with a blue ego-t style one but I really didn't care too much about the color at the time.

Now that I am into using mods and rebuildable atomizers, I usually stick with polished stainless steel because it looks nice.
Using the internet? I've never though about that one Big Grin . I should have bought one from the internet as well, since I could have more choices in matters of color and resistance.
I chose purple for mine. My husband chose green. Funny but I used to be a real stickler about the tank color and now I just don't care. Right now I have a light pink tank and a purple base. I just don't care anymore! Also, the stainless steel ones always look really nice to me. I prefer their look over colored ones.
My battery is plain matte black.
I don't really feel like colors would do anything for me.
My tank is chrome/silver, so it can't be more "dull"/standard than that Big Grin
Although I'm indifferent to the color Smile
I know how you feel, Laksefar. I've also bought my vaper for what it does, not for how it looks. I think everybody should do that in order to spend as little as possible.
Nope. They had only black-colored vapers, so I bought one of them. Luckily, black is my favorite color.
Well, the color doesn't matter that much for me anyway. But I've seen that the price is influenced by it, which is a very stupid thing.
On the first one, I kept it simple: black and chrome. I could see adding different colors to the line up later, but I sort of like darker colors.

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