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Debate: any topic!
Lets play a game Big Grin

Post an opinionated comment below on any topic, and I will play devil's advocate in the response section! Anyone can join in on this fun, the only rules are that you clearly state your opinion within your comment! GO!
I will even start, to show you how it's done :p

Euthanasia/assisted suicide: Legal or no?

I think:

It should be legal to terminate your own life if you make the decision to do so. Legally forcing somebody to suffer a slow painful death, against their will, just seems unreasonable. It's not that there are really any good arguments for or against it, we all know what it is and nobody enjoys thinking about it, but I don't think government should make such decisions for us.
I think it should be allowed if you are the one doing the decision and you're able to do the deed yourself.
Another person shouldn't be allowed to make that decision, in the case of a coma for example, and neither should the patient be able to force a doctor to pull the plug on him, you have the right to take your life but not make someone else kill a person.
I think as long as you're not going to hurt anybody else physically when you take your own life, it should be legal. Who wants somebody here that doesn't want to be here anyways?
It should be legal I think. If someone is in pain and suffering everyday of their life then why should they have to suffer any longer? It is a very sad topic and I feel terribly for anyone who's been in this situation.
Good question, I think that we must follow the law, but at the same time is heart-breaking to see someone in pain and with no chance to improve...

What would it take to make you stop smoking cigarettes?
Drugs should be legalized for adults over the age of 18 that choose to do them. For all the hype and propaganda on how bad they are it's mostly up to the user to decide to stay safe. Legalizing drugs would boos tax profit for states, free up jail cells for the people that should be there, and take power away from gangs and cartels. Not only is it the right move but it's definitely the smart move as well.
I am not for legalizing drugs, but I would be in favor of legislation for healthier food or for tax benefits to those exercising. I wonder why these topics aren't debated.
I could get behind that. Discounts on healthier food or a tax break for people with gym memberships or something would actually be an amazing concept, albeit one that I never think will happen. I think more health issue topics should be more widely realized and debated. Especially in North America we are at a critical point with how detrimental the majority's health is.
How about global warming. Is it real. The weather sure is acting funny where I live this year. Every few years it seems some scientists come out and try to reverse the opinion of what is happening to our planet. I feel like pollution has definitely contributed to the demise of our atmosphere but the damage has been done and we aren't going to stop it now.

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