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Cyclone Separator for Ball Mill manufacturers China

Product name
Spiral Chute Separator
Product introduction
Spiral classifier is divided into four type classifiers, such as high weir single screw or double screw, and immerged singe screw or double screw. This classifier can be used to connect with ball to form the closed-circuit cyclic scheduling form split-ranging and split-flow mineral sands in dressing plant, or classifying the mineral sand and fine slit in the gravity dressing plant, or classifying the sizes of the ore pulp in the process of metal dressing, or desliming and dewatering in cleaning ore. It had the advantages of simple structure, reliable and easy to operate.
The classifier is mainly composed of a transmission device, a spiral body, a trough body, a lifting mechanism, a lower bearing (bearing bush) and a discharge valve.
Product classification
Screw classifiers can be divided into high weir single-spiral classifier, high weir double-spiral classifier, immersed type single-spiral classifier and immersed type double-spiral classifier according to the height of the overflow weir.
Product features
1. The major load on the main shaft is a beam load with minor torsion and tension loading.
2. Large diameter, seamless steel, tubular shafts are designed for minimum shaft deflection.
3. Polyurethane shoes are standard.
4. The wearing shoes are fastened to the flights with countersunk head bolts.
ModelSpiral speed

Returning quantityOverflowing quantity
Y112M-62.22Cyclone Separator for Ball Mill manufacturers China


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