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I recently purchased a starter kit, with a 'pen' and a charger. I also bought a couple of different flavours of liquid. My son filled the pen up the first time, and things were just fine. I refilled it myself once it had run out. But it seems like ever since I refilled the pen, it's been making me cough and choke. It seems to be too strong, even though I used the same liquid as before.

Did I do something wrong? It's putting me off using it, as it feels very unhealthy to be coughing like this when I take a draw.
There are a couple of reasons I know of that can cause this, and I had some trouble with coughing at first too.

First of all, if you are switching from regular cigarettes, you will cough for awhile as your lungs and cilia start to heal and push the tar out of your lungs. This is very common for people quitting cigarettes will happen even if you are using an ecig.

Another thing to watch out for, is that it's very common to get dehydrated while vaping. Make sure you always have some water nearby and see if trying to drink more helps.

Some e-juice can cause allergic reactions or other sensitivities but it doesn't sound like this is your problem. I am betting it's just part of the healing process of getting away from analogue cigarettes.
Puffin is on the right track, I coughed a lot for the first few weeks and i also do get dry when vaping so i make sure to drink more water nowadays.

If you are using a twist battery that lets you adjust the voltage, it is possible that it got turned up to high which can make the throat hit a bit stronger, resulting in a cough. If yours isn't adjustable i'd look to puffins suggestions.

If you are still uncomfortable with it though, you can go pick up a juice that is higher in VG like a 20pg/80pg blend. Higher PG causes a stronger throat hit and less vapor whereas higher vg results in more vapor but less throat hit.
I never coughed when I first tried it but a few days later when I tried to quit cigarettes completely, I always felt the urge to so I just went back to smoking cigarettes. I guess I should try it again and keep water close by at first. Thanks for the info!
It could be a number of things causing your problem. Sometimes it's your device, maybe it is of a low quality or is malfunctioning. More likely it is just the juice you are using. Some just vaporize harsher than others. Try buying some more expensive, high quality juice. I still cough often when I vape though, some coughing is obviously normal if you're taking fat drags.
your body is just getting used to the difference and not putting those harsh of chemicals into your body but still smoking it's a different transition.
It may be your Nic level also. Try vaping a lower level and see if that helps. I vape at 24mg and my girlfriend at 6mg and when she takes a hit off mine she coughs a lot. She says my Nic level burns her mouth and throat. So that may be some of the problem you are having.
It could be so many things like stated above by the others. I coughed for 2 weeks when I first started.
It could be nic levels, that certain juice, the power level of the hit. Most of all it is just your body getting used to what is happening. You're making a huge change.
Coughing is normal especially for those transitioning over from analog cigarettes. Cigarettes burn an herb while vaping is water vapor so its going to be alien to your throat and lungs and might cause you to cough a bit. You just have to get used to it. Drink water as well, that helps dissipate coughing as well as sore throats from vaping.
Anytime you put something new into your body that you aren't use to you have to get used to it and use to the fact that different things are going to happen.

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