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Converted esmoker here!
Hey everyone! My name is Aurora, I'm a recently converted esmoker, my boss tried the new blu electronic cigs and got me hooked Smile
Hi there aurora, welcome to the forums!

I didn't try the blu brand but I did try the ecig style vaporizers like those. I smoked a lot per day and i wanted to stick with the cig style ones but i needed something more.

I ended up doing some research and found that a personal vaporizer like this was just what I needed.

[Image: gbFbKDs.jpg]

And that started my addiction to vaping lol, this is just a small portion of my current collection, i have decided to take a little break on buying mods after todays purchase.
[Image: 3Km6prQ.jpg]

Todays purchase was this mod
[Image: s5zXiW3.jpg]

And this dripping atomizer
[Image: ykvs8cz.jpg]

Once again, welcome to the forums and if you have any questions just ask Smile
Welcome to the forums. I`m a converted vaper myself and used to smoke a lot for many years until i started vaping and thankfully dropped the smoking habit completely. Looking forward to chatting with you.
Thanks for posting pictures. It was nice to see the various types of set ups. I think I saw a page here where everyone can post a picture of their set ups. I have no idea still what I am doing so I will have to consult everyone about which to get. I'm still nervous about the switch, I heard it isn't as satisfying as the real thing, but I've also heard a lot of good things as well. Congrats to you and keep strong!

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