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Coilart Dpro Mini RDA--A Low Profile RDA
Hello guys, you know I want to introduce a good and low profile RDA here---Coilart Dpro Mini RDA, actually, I want to praise this DROP MINI RDA, how good how excellent and blablabla. But I change my way, and aren’t interested in using more and more flatter words. Each vaper buy a tank whatever subohm tank, RTA, RDA, they are interested in not only the brilliant feature and shape, but also its practical use.
Today I wanna introduce this small DROP RDA a little bit by great reviewer Jai Haze’s review video.
When you open the package, you will find out one more taller drip tip and squonk pin. How considerate it is, spare taller drip tip can make you another need on vaping.

[Image: 900x900__.jpg]
Let us look the structure in side the RDA, well and great structure make it safer and good fluid air, which will bring you brilliant experience on vaping.
[Image: 7_68.jpg]

When you set up single coil, try to fire the button, it will be lighted up like below picture, then put on the cotton, and pull out the juice of the squonk bottle until the cotton is immersed in. Another step, you need to drip some juice on the coil in order to not be burned in dark and it can be burned sufficiently. At last, put on the outer cover, you can use it to get cloudy.
[Image: 6_66.jpg]
Features of Coilart Dpro Mini RDA:
Single Coil Postless Deck
Deep Juice Well
Honey Comb airholes
Extra BF Pin for squonk mod
Installed with 5mm drip tip best for small coils
Extra 8mm length 510 curve drip tip best for big coils
Extra 13mm length 510 MTL drip tip best for MTL style
Specifications of Coilart Dpro Mini RDA:
Size: 22mm (diameter) * 23mm (height)
Material: SUS 314 stainless steel

Packing List of Coilart Dpro Mini RDA:
1* Dpro Mini RDA
1* 510 Curve Drip Tip
1* 510 MTL Drip Tip
1* Accessories Bag
1* Precut Fused Clapton Coil
3* Precut Cotton

Thanks for your time on this page and forgive me that my poor sentences and words on the describing this excellent and low-profile DROP MINI RDA.

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Coilart Dpro Mini RDA--A Low Profile RDA00